Men and Women for Others: How Jesuit Education Alumni can contribute to Social Justice

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Men and Women for Others: How Jesuit Education Alumni can contribute to Social Justice
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Edited by Quentin Wodon. The call for the Jesuit alumni and all persons of goodwill to transform the world by promoting a faith that does justice is as pressing today as it was almost 50 years ago when Father Arrupe delivered his address to the European alumni. They are echoed in Pope Francis’ recent call for a Global Compact on Education and the seven commitments outlined for such a compact. As the 10th Congress of the World Union of Jesuit Alumni is taking place in Barcelona in July 2022, this publication is opportune in providing guidance to the necessary discernment to accomplish a New Global Compact on Education within Pope Francis’ vision and showing with case studies how the Jesuit alumni are finding innovative ways to promote a faith that does justice and respond to Father Arrupe and Pope Francis’ calls. Foreword: José Mesa S.J. Chapter 1: Introduction – Engaging Jesuit Education Alumni,  Quentin WodonChapter 2: Promotion of Justice and Education for Justice, Pedro Arrupe S.J. Chapter 3: How Does Francisco See Education? Luiz Fernando Klein S.J. Chapter 4: Africa – Jesuit Alumni and the Education of Vulnerable Migrant Minors, René Micallef S.J. Chapter 5: Asia – Jesuit Alumni Provide Support in India During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Neel Mani Rangesh. Chapter 6: Europe – A New Jesuit School in Brussels or the Will to Go to the Frontier, Alain Deneef. Chapter 7: Europe & Near East – Jesuit Schools’ Alumni: How We Accompany Each Other, Agnieszka Baran. Chapter 8: Latin America – Discerning the Weight of Excellence in Jesuit Education, Cristóbal Madero Cabib S.J. Chapter 9: North America – Profiles of Young Women Alumni from Cloud Indian School, Jennifer Irving (with the Alumni Team)

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