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Jorge Cela Carvajal S.J.: A devotee about Jesus and his project
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This is not a book about Fr. Jorge Cela. It is a “Jorge's” book to be listened to, while we read it. The author has only tried to bring together a lot of his words, always critical, purposeful and hopeful, smelling of the people and steeped in the gospel. The text is built on Jorge's own words and writings, which continue to have a great validity and can help us to question what we do and to live our mission as educators more coherently and decisively. In this sense, the book, while collecting his words said in the past, aims to provoke us to advance in the construction of a better future. For this reason, the author has selected those themes that have great validity and can illuminate our journey in these times of liquid modernity, uncertainty, ethical relativism and post-truth. After a first chapter, in which he collects some data and testimonies of Jorge's passionate and passionate life, he selects five very significant and current topics: spirituality, popular education, quality, inclusion, technology and networks. Each of these chapters integrates several sub-chapters in which it is intended to emphasize some of Jorge's most original and questioning ideas and proposals. Because they are all cross-cutting themes, they are related and even feed and enrich each other. And a final chapter is added where his latest adventures as an educator and evangelist  in his beloved Cuba are told.

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