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To staff of Jesuit Colleges, Bangalore
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Conferencia / Ponencia
My reflection this evening will center on what a Jesuit institution of learning should be. The objectives of Jesuit education are not very different from the goals mentioned in the constitution of India. The first concern of Jesuit education is to make a special attempt to include the excluded, so that they may be able to participate in the social, political, economic and cultural life of the country. Equally important is the quality of education offered in Jesuit institutions. The choice that Jesuit institutions make is not to prepare students for the markets alone but for life. By the time a young person passes out from the portals of your institutions, he or she should be a person academically competent, socially concerned and committed to build a human community without any prejudices against social groups and communities.
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To staff of Jesuit Colleges, Bangalore
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