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Education for a just, compassionate and sustainable world
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Conferencia / Ponencia
This talk is about justice, compassion and sustainability, and how education can enable these for the good of our world. Our discussion in this Symposium treats especially, but not exclusively, university education. As I understand it, a university has two main tasks: the formation of its students, and the shaping of society. The two tasks are deeply interconnected, one with the other. The university has a social role. Many students long for a good education in order to better their societies. First, I will speak of the challenges in our global society today. Second, I will speak of four ancient pillars of social teaching: Human Dignity, the Common Good, Solidarity, and Subsidiarity. Then I will talk about our need for vision, values and depth in regard to these social questions, and the importance of education for justice and compassion, and about sources of wisdom. Next, what shape can this education take? How do we learn justice and compassion? What is our pedagogical method?
Lecture in the Sophia Symposium: Education with a Social Dimension: the Challenges of Globalization 10 December 2011, Sophia University, Tokyo.
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