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A call for spiritual leaders

The exercise of spiritual and heroic leadership. What is expected to make a leader in a university at this time. Prerequsitos for good decision-making....

| Nicolás S.J., Adolfo
A closer look at the four pillars of heroic leadership

What are the Jesuit leadership secrets? How did individual Jesuits become leaders and why were their corporate efforts successful? Four principles stand...

| Lowney, Chris
A history rooted in mission. Jesuit Higher Education in the United States

Letter from AJCU Board Chair, Rev. Timothy R. Lannon, S.J. Letter from AJCU President, Rev. Charles L. Currie, S.J. The Jesuits and Education: A Rich...

| AJCU - Estados Unidos
A Pocket Guide to Jesuit Education

Beginnings. Jesuits, How did jesuits get involved in schools? Why were jesuit schools successful?. Jesuit education is a process. The habit of...

| Boston College
Address at Saint Joseph's University - Philadelphia

We marvel at the technology of our world and what it means to daily life. We fear the unknown and, especially, its impact on the youth of society. But we...

| Kolvenbach S.J., P.H.
Address at Santa Clara University and Bellarmine College in California

My intention is not to present you with a set of conclusions or offer you a fool-proof formula for the success of your educational work, but to extend...

| Kolvenbach S.J., P.H.
Address for the 140th anniversary of the Ateneo de Manila and jesuit education in the Philippines

We are asked to reflect as well on our pursuit of excellence, in the development of the fullest human and spiritual potential of our students. As Jesuit...

| Kolvenbach S.J., P.H.
Address opening of the ISJACHEM Conference

Ecological equilibrium and a sustainable, equitable use of the world's resources are important elements of justice towards all the communities in our...

| Kolvenbach S.J., P.H.
Address to Faculty, Staff, and Students Spring Hill College

As in the time of Ignatius, Jesuit higher education must strive in our day to give creative responses to the challenges that arise in changing times....

| Kolvenbach S.J., P.H.
Address to the Georgetown University Board of Directors

Identity and mission of the university. Model Ledesma - Kolvenbach: Utilitas. Justitia. Humanitas. Fides. Leadership and discernment. Collaboration with...

| Kolvenbach S.J., P.H.
An examen of jesuit education for the 21th century: Think tank presenters

Several themes are discussed in this document by the specialist consulted.

| JSN - Norte América
An ignatian approach to virtue education

The thesis has three parts. The first part describes an Ignatian approach. Here, I explore how St. Ignatius of Loyola’s famous four-week spiritual...

| Shelton, S.J, Paul J.
Animating the Global Dimensions of our Jesuit Schools: Our Unique Opportunity to Prepare Citizens of the World

This document aims to capture the growing sense of global community that is permeating our worldwide network as a way for us all to consider how we are...

| Carmody, Dan
Building commitment

Experience of the Ateneo de Manila, Filipina, in building commitment through building families, communities, and homes for the poorest of the poor

| Nebres S.J., Ben
Caring for our common home: ecology and social justice

Taming the Obsession with Competition: From the Entrepreneurial Self to the Reconciler. A Reconfigured Alliance between Schools, Parents and the State....

| Juliawan S.J, Benedic.
Challenges and issues in jesuit education

The sense of boundaries in education. The border of depth. Depth and Ignatian magis. Depth in the answers given to the needs of students in their...

| Nicolás S.J., Adolfo
Collaboration: Weaving the Global Jesuit Network

Talk with Tina M. Facca-Miess. They present the world survey results on collaboration.

| Villanueva S.J., Daniel
Committed person

Committed person is a person of action, takes courage and takes the long view of things. Continuación del documento: La Persona comprometida...

| Carver S.J., Joseph
Committed person - Presentación

Committed person is a person of action, takes courage and takes the long view of things. Láminas de la presentación. Continuación del documento: La...

| Carver S.J., Joseph
Compassionate person

Dignity as the link between faith and justice. The students we want to produce: committed to building a world of justice and peace. Insertion...

| McVerry S.J., Peter